Dovetail phase 1-consolidated

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Dovetail phase 1-consolidated

Post  Admin on Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:24 am

1. Which will convert the hostname to the IP address??? –

2. When you give a document to print and remove the printer cable, will the printer still print?? – Yes/No – Yes, because the file will go the printer spool.

3. Which of these will refresh at regular intervals?? - don’t know answer, these r the options

4. How to create an user account in AD?
5. How will you schedule a meeting and invite members (outlook)?
6. How will you create a recurring task (outlook)?
7. Whats the extension of Lotus Note bookmark?- I think it is .nsf
8.The gateway server for the home usage is what?? – don’t know the answer, these r the options
-Broadband Router
I think it is Broadband router. ISP will provide either router/switch for connecting devices.
9. How many bits does IPv6 address contains? 128 bits
10.which of the following is the correct boot sequence?
There were some options….the correct answer starts with POST->MBR->……..->LSASS.EXE->WINLOGON.EXE

11. Which of these profiles cannot change the desktop settings??- don’t know the answer, these r the options
-Admin Profile
-Local User
-Mandatory Profile

12. Is it possible to move an icon in Black Berry??
13. Your system has been update automatically and you don’t want the update. How to revoke the update??
- Add or Remove programs
- Add or Remove windows components
- Check the show updates option in Add or Remove Programs

14. how will you add a contact in Lotus notes?

15. What is the expansion of ZIF?

16. If NTLDR corrupts, whether the boot sector will be corrupted or not? (yes/no)

17. Which user can login and shut down a client machine?
-Power User
-Backup operators

18. You play a game and after it, your icons larger in size than before. What is the 1st step you will do to resolve it?
Check whether the screen resolution had changes (Graphics options)

19. which of the below options are used to open display properties?
-Control panel -> Display options
-type Desk.cpl in Run command
-Right Click on desktop  properties
-Control Desktop in runcommand
- All the above

20. Number of tokens that a ring topology can have? 1 token

21. How many transmission media r ther?
Guided & Unguided

22. which command is used to install AD? dcpromo

23. What all should you check when you install Exchange Server?

24. What r the types of computer?

25. What are the main components of computer?
Input Devices
Output Devices

26. What are these devices called? (monitor, keyboard, mouse)
I/O devices

27. The computer works on which instruction?
- I/O

28. When the URL portal shows, what will you do??

30. How a node accept or reject data frame in a Hub?
-Mac address
-IP address
-data frame

31. how to soft reset a black berry??ALT+CAPs+DEL

32. If you remove one of the dual processor’s fan, what will be the effect?
-system crashes
-system will run
System will continue to run, but the heat generated will cause damage to internal components of motherboard

33. how will you synchronize wireless in blackberry?? Thru Configure PIM

34. Which container can you add in Admin Groups?? Organizational Group

35. How to access Exchange server 2003???
-WireLess LAN
-exchange server connector
-outlooktoolse-mailchoose mail boxfinish

36. What is 802.11 series standard representing?? Wireless standard

37. What is the most advantage of fiber optic cable???
Low Error rate & fast data rate

38. External memory can be used for what?

39. What is temporary memory?? Volatile memory commonly known as RAM

40. which key is used to delete a content without sending to recycle bin??

41. What is the short cut key to go to Favorites in IE? – Ctrl+ i

42. What options do you find in Magnify?  see startrunmagnify

43. Which is not the options in narrator menu? See startrunnarrator

44. Which options do not you find in the Driver Digital Signing menu? (sorry this is not the exact question)

45. How will you add a computer in the AD?

46. How to disable a user in the AD? While creating the user in a domain, during the process, we shud check the option, “Account Disabled”.

47. Is it possible to change group membership for an user? YES

48. What does enforce password history contains??
-Passowrd never expires
-User must change at lnext logon
- user cannot change password
Neither of the mentioned options. Enforce password history is used to prevent the usage of pwd that is used during last n (3/5/…) no of times. For eg., we wil not be able to use the pwd which we used we used in the last 5 resets.

49. how to rename a user logon name of the user???

50. What will you ask the user to change at the 1st login?? Change the password

51. What is the need of a user account?? Limit the privileges between the various user a/cs

52. What is the min. hard disk space required for XP?? 1GB

53. Which of the below is wrong?? – read the functionaliies of the below option….you must choose the option which is given with the wrong functionality
-stickey keys
-toggle keys


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